RBC Changes, Stays the Same

RBC Changes, Stays the Same

Posted on 27. Mar, 2009 by in Blog

Digging Into RecruitingBlogs.com v2.12
By John Sumser

Digging Into RecruitingBlogs.com v2.12 RBC Changes, Stays the Same

(March 27, 2009) Early this week, Jason unveiled the new face of RBC. Driven by growth in the community and pending changes at Ning HQ, the design was a clear path through some opposing forces. We’re ending the week revitalized and refocused.

Communities evolve through seasons of change. Because this is a work related experience, our relationship evolve in ways that are work like. People come and people go. One of the really cool things about the online environment is that there is an infinite supply of real estate. All you need to start something new is enough desire to leave and start something new.

Most great companies are started by people who are certain that they can do it better than the idiots they are currently doing it with. That’s the very essence of how companies form in Silicon Valley. A couple of key professionals determine that they can do it faster, smarter or better than Lance Haun this week, Building HRMToday, a community more clearly focused on general HR. He said “What you get out of your time with recruiting all-stars is up to you. I am looking forward to continuing to grow and develop my knowledge of recruiting while I share how I think HR and recruiting can work together to create stronger organizations.”

In other words, working with your competition makes you a stronger player.

From where I sit, it looks like Jason is working an interesting problem. The signs of health in our community are two surprising things

  1. We are big enough to have real conflict. This conflict is a source of energy that needs to be harnessed. Most communities don’t get big enough to have conflict. Often, the ones that do would rather not see the conflict.
  2. RBC has enough momentum that people are able to grow here and move onto other things.

What do you think of the new RBC?

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