Top 100 v1.16 Allan Schweyer

Top 100 v1.16 Allan Schweyer

Posted on 22. Jul, 2009 by in Blog, Top 100

By John Sumser

Some kinds of influence involve creating the disposition for a deal. There are any number of people who excel in the art of shaping the language and the debate, The terms Talent Management and Human Capital are both examples of the work of people who shape language.

There are a few institution builders.

These folks straddle the line between academia and commercial enterprise, largely because there is no formal academic discipline for HR-Recruiting. Training organizations that take on aspects of the academic world, like testing and certification, are the first signs of a maturing profession. The future of the Human Capital Professions is going to depend on organizations the design and deliver credibility.

The Human Capital Institute has amassed the largest body of research and data on HR-Recruiting topics in the world. The operation has four aspects: online information, education, research and events. For the past five and a half /component/page,shop.product_details/category_id,6/flypage,flypage.tpl/product_id,59/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,3/vmcchk,1/”>cialis online overnight years, Allan Schweyer has been on HCI’s board and operated as the Executive Director and VP of Research.

Trained as a labor economist, Allan came straight out of school into the employment scene. He worked for the canadian government doing labor market research.In an extremely interesting process, he built an early job board /component/page,shop.product_details/category_id,6/flypage,flypage.tpl/product_id,59/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,3/vmcchk,1/”>cialis online overnight as a part of the government job. In Canada, the government is unwilling to compete with private industry so the job board was ultimately sold.

He’s been in the HR arena for a solid 20 years now.

The thing about deep influence is that it takes a combination of time in grade, a network and an institutional base of some sort. The Human Capital Institute gives Schweyer the foundation for amazing things.

Being strategic means “skating to where the puck is going to be. HCI, under Schweyer’s guidance moves swiftly to incorporate new ideas into its core. Built on the notion that Human Capital Managers should be strategic, HCI trains and certifies hundreds of HR professionals in the fundamentals of strategic engagement.

Schweyer has one of those seats that gives you a comprehensive view. HCI plans to deliver twelve major research studies and a 2 day conference with each over the coming year. This puts Allan into the thick of the evolution of the discipline.

Over time, we’ll look a little more closely at the institutions like HCI that help shape the industry’s self concept. There are a handful of senior executives like Schweyer whose job is designed to influence the shape of things. In Allan’s case, the name of the organization tells the whole story. From the gitgo, they did not want to be just another HR association.

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  2. […] Top100 Influencer, Allan Schweyer, left his role as executive Director of the Human Capital Institute to become a partner at Center […]