Top 100 v1.56 Ann Bares

Top 100 v1.56 Ann Bares

Posted on 09. Feb, 2010 by in Top 100

Top 100 v 1.56 Ann Bares

As she was finishing her undergraduate degree in Social Work, Ann Bares realized that she just didn’t want to do it. Degree in hand, she went shopping for work and found herself in an HR Department. In the first year or so, she concentrated on Recruiting and administrative tasks.

When a job in the Compensation department opened up, she chased it. It meant /component/option,com_jcalpro/Itemid,28/extmode,cal/date,2106-12-01/”>where to buy cialis online more responsibility and a promotion. Much to her surprise, working in the comp function fueled her twin passions: quantitative analysis and behavioral influence.

She never looked back. Ultimately, she picked up an MBA from Kellog and led the life of a big time comp consultant.

In the following 30 years, Bares has worked in every conceivable compensation environment. From consulting with the big dogs at places like Watson Wyatt, Bares likes to say that she’s worked with progressively smaller companies. Six years ago, she formed her own firm, Altura Consulting Group.

Most people run across Ann in her blogging role(s). If you look at the December version of the Top 25 Digital HR Influencers, you’ll find her at number 9. While that list only quantifies influence in the online world, it’s a measure of Ann’s success elsewhere.

For most people, compensation is a dry arena for faceless, gray, narrow practitioners. through her myriad online outlets, Ann is able to use the discipline to shed light on key organizational issues.

Ann Bares has spent time around the clan at Fistful of Talent. Her own blog, Compensation Force is a near daily look at Compensation issues through a variety of lenses. She also runs the Compensation Cafe. Her work is routinely recognized in polls /component/option,com_jcalpro/Itemid,28/extmode,cal/date,2106-12-01/”>where to buy cialis online like the Fistful of Talent FOT/HRCapitalist v. 6.0 Talent Management Blog Power Rankings.

While the issues are powerful within the profession, Ann has the ability to make them resonate for outsiders. Give Compensation Force and Compensation Cafe a try. You’ll find the engaging analysis of compensation issues flavoring your view of organizational dynamics.

As the HR profession continues its metamorphosis, folks like Ann Bares are leading the way. Her blogs, which were started as a lark, draw readership from all across the business landscape. The combination of great writing, subject matter depth, intelligent analysis and a sense of humor makes Ann an emerging powerhouse of influence. She’s learned to wield social media in a way that changes perception, builds her business and teaches.

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