Top 100 v1.59 Jeremy Shapiro

Top 100 v1.59 Jeremy Shapiro

Posted on 02. Mar, 2010 by in Top 100

Top 100 v1.59 Jeremy Shapiro

In yesterday’s review of the SHRM HR Standards project, we looked at the interesting effort the professional association is generating. Standards, analytics and metrics are an integral part of the emerging world of global commerce. Jeremy Shapiro, the Bernard Hodes Group (Hodes) senior Vice President at HodesIQ, is on top of that question. He might be the most effective proponent of HR analytics in the business.

Shapiro has been a driving force in the Online Recruiting business for 14 years, the majority of that time at Hodes. He’s been central to the development of the only Applicant Tracking System owned by an advertising agency (that we know of). Managing technology development within the loving confines of an ad firm is no small challenge.

HodesIQ is a fully features SaaS system that provides soup to nuts recruiting technology including ATS, onboarding, job posting, sourcing and media /component/option,com_jcalpro/Itemid,99999999/extmode,cal/date,2060-02-01/”>cialis 5mg tablets metrics, succession planning and performance management. The solution is configurable and scalable. The interesting thing about being housed in an advertising agency is that it makes the HodesIQ emphasis /component/option,com_jcalpro/Itemid,99999999/extmode,cal/date,2060-02-01/”>cialis 5mg tablets on employment branding and career-site development all the more credible.

One measure of influence might be the number of press releases that mention you.

Continuing Bernard Hodes Group’s long-standing history of working to advance the field of human capital management, Hodes iQ’s Senior Vice President Jeremy Shapiro will lead an HR metrics workgroup for the innovative Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) initiative to help develop standards certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which “oversees the creation, promulgation and use of thousands of norms and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector”.

Shapiro, an author and expert in human resource metrics and talent management technology, will lead a cross-functional team of volunteers to create a standard for the frequently used HR metric, “cost per hire.” This workgroup is one of three initial efforts by SHRM to help HR teams better define common HR functions and measurements. “This is an exciting time in the field of HR metrics; executives are more interested in maximizing human capital potential, and are looking to HR for answers, but we need to get the basics down first,” said Shapiro.

“Efforts such as this one, which helps better define what cost per hire means, allows the HR function to move on to more challenging analytics. I’m excited to lead a strong team of HR professionals to submit our recommendation on a standard for cost per hire to ANSI.” A well-known expert in the world of talent management solutions, Shapiro oversees the development and management of Hodes iQ, Bernard Hodes Group’s award-winning talent acquisition and management software solution, and is co-author of the HR metrics book Ultimate Performance.

The Hodes iQ talent management system provides users with a robust business intelligence tool to report on HR metrics, in addition to access to Hodes iQ experts in talent acquisition measurement through seminars, webinars and direct consultation. – From the press release

Shapiro was a geek from day one.

Always hustling to make money, Shapiro’s youth might be better characterized as mis-saved rather than mis-spent. He loving tells the story of his first computer, a Tandy 1000. At 10, he computerized the town directory and sold it to the local politicians. He simply loved the intersection of technology and commerce.

A life long learner, Shapiro continued his education after undergraduate school picking up a degree that combined an MBA and a Computer Science Degree from Stern. The more he watches HR, the more he is sure it’s about data.

It’s easy to get at Jeremy’s passion. Just ask him about analytics. An association with Nick Burkholder got him started. Increasingly he is placing his energies and presentations into the Analytics world.

From here, it looks visionary. Of course the next generation of recruitment advertising client will be metrics (evidence) driven. Shapiro is setting the stage for Hodes’ emergence as a next level player.

We talked for a while about how HR Departments learn to use data. He repeatedly cited the following maturity scale proposed in the book he coauthored with Burkholder.

In the beginning, the use of analytics involves non-standard spreadsheets. In the end, the tool set shifts from predefined dashboards and into the issues that make talent management strategic.

In a separate piece, we’ll tell you about the conversations we had about trends beyond analytics. Meanwhile, keep your eye on Shapiro. His influence will be seen in the rate that analytics are adopted in HR.

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