Top 100 v1.63 RD Whitney

Top 100 v1.63 RD Whitney

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Top 100 v1.63 RD Whitney

Grit, determination and a smile go a long way towards building sustained influence. The intellects all assume that influence and smarts are somehow correlated. The truth is that it’s hard to trust someone who is busy being smart.

Influence has more to do with reliability and predictability than it has to do with transformative insight. Wisdom, like intelligence, is vastly over-rated by those who poses’s it. People are more likely to be moved and affected by certainty, a sense of purpose and regularity.

Think about the language that is so popular today. “Following your passion” or “finding your place” has everything to do with the way things feel. A large part of being able to influence taste /content/view/13/35″>cialis order and opinion boils down to the capacity to generate /content/view/13/35″>cialis order a feeling.

It’s easy to confuse focus on a goal that isn’t yours with irascibility or some other form of resistance. Truth is that sometimes what you’re doing isn’t very interesting or important. People who figure that out and more or less ignore you are simply working their own priorities.

A long time ago, when I was building a business near Macon Georgia, I learned about being ‘dumb as a fox‘. This is what my peers tried to explain to me about ‘that stupid guy who falls asleep in all of the meetings’. I assumed he was a bumpkin and wasn’t paying attention to the important stuff (namely, me).

Somehow, every time I made a move, there he was. I was young and trying to win by being smart. He was slow and un-busy which gave him enough time to be prepared. He just had no need to impress me. He loved to tell me that ‘old age and treachery will beat out youth and enthusiasm every time’.

I got to thinking about these experiences while I was talking with one of RD Whitney‘s business partners. “Let’s talk every Thursday until we figure out how to make money together, RD said. We did and ultimately came up with the current project.” Whitney is quiet, unassuming and just about ready to turn the marketplace on its head.

There are about a half dozen trade-show / media company executives in the HR/Recruiting industry. We’ve profiled a few of them in the Top 100 so far. Debbie McGrath, Bill Kutik and David Manaster (to name a few). On a personality level, they have so little in common that you may rest assured that the job doesn’t require a personality type.

You may have heard that OnRec purchased the corporate recruiting conference, website, content, and database media assets of Kennedy Information. The coup was engineered by Whitney who made nary a fuss as he scooped up the pieces of the empire of his former employer. Of all of the players in the game, Whitney looks most like a careerist.

Over the course of a two decade career, RD has mastered the art of building online community and making it possible. He ‘follows the money’ and has a unique capacity for identifying leverage and opportunity. He says of himself, “I connect the dots and find the opportunities”.

He’s worked with a number of B2B media companies: Thomson, IDG, Kennedy and, most recently, Tarsus. Tarsus, owners of the OnRec Brand and now Kennedy’s assets, are a massive global conference organization

Here’s the gist of RD’s empire, Tarsus Online Media(TOM):

Operating in the UK, USA, France and Germany, TOM comprises established online products in the events, merchandising, venues and online recruitment sectors. TOM continues to be an area of significant growth potential, with the launch of new online communities to connect buyers and sellers. The essential face-to-face business and networking taking place at trade shows and conferences is strengthened by online interaction.

The buyer/seller conversation increasingly takes place both off line and online. In addition, online media provides Tarsus with an ideal low-risk testing ground to penetrate new markets and geographies. The Tarsus Online Media division is responsible for generating profitable online media revenue streams and organic new development for game-changing online business models and new market exploration.

The division comprises a portfolio of online media products in key markets including the UK, USA, France and Germany. It operates established online products in the merchandising, events, venues, gifts, HR and online recruitment sectors. The growing Tarsus strength in online media is proving to open doors to new opportunities and uncover innovative media business models, whilst also supporting low-risk “bolt-on” growth of our various sectors. It enables us to turn our research and development efforts from a cost centre to a profit centre and to achieve our strategy of owning and managing the full spectrum of media in the sectors in which we operate.

Focus on Talent Management: With offices in Peterborough, New Hampshire, Tarsus Online Media supports a growing portfolio of educational and networking products in the talent management, HR and recruiting sector including Talent,, a web portal for the online recruitment industry,, and now

RD’s boyish charm and good looks are a powerful cover for the shrewd businessman below. Quietly, one piece at a time, Whitney is assembling a formal, global, recruiting, HR, talent management empire.

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