Top 100…We’ve moved

Top 100…We’ve moved

Posted on 15. Oct, 2009 by in Blog, Top 100

By John Sumser

As a part of the reorganization of, the Top100 Influencers project moved to its new home at Top100Influencers. As is the case in any move, there are some things that got packed in the wrong box. We’re busy getting the feel of the new place and remembering where we put stuff before the packing began.

Getting completely settled will take a day or two.

It’s a great move for us. RBC provided wonderful incubation services and support during the formative days of the project. Jason Davis and Maren Hogan always made us feel like a part of the RBC team. In fact, some of the back office support is going to continue while the rest of the project takes shape. Jason is going to continue to include us in the RBC family through the spring. That means you’ll hear about new posts in the email newsletter and will be able to click to us under the “Read” section.

As you’ll see, the Top100Influencers website currently looks like it was lifted right out of the old RBC Front page (that’s pretty much what happened). Over the coming months, the project will morph into an identity of its own. We’re expecting big things and new initiatives in the coming months.

In some ways, nothing has changed. In others, it’s the start of something big and exciting. Stay tuned as we get our bearings and move forward.

Thanks Jason, Maren and the rest of the RBC team. We would not have gotten this far without your support.

If you’ve bookmarked links from the old site, they’ve all changed. Here are new and permanent links to the material so far.

Overview Pieces

The Influencers

1.01 Naomi Bloom – The Software Architect – Bloom and Wallace
1.02 Kevin Grossman – The Clarifier – HRMarketer
1.03 Kevin Wheeler – The Futurist – Future of Talent Institute
1.04 Elaine Orler – The Recruiting Strategist – Talent Function Group
1.05 Jeanne Achille – The Gentle Connector – Devon Group
1.06 Robin Ferracone – The Boardroom Player - Farient Advisors
1.07 David Manaster – The Community Builder – ERE
1.08 Bill Kutik – The Technology Czar- HR Technology Conference
1.09 Bill Vick – The Padronne - ExtremeRecruiting TV
1.10 Rob McIntosh – The Game Changer- Avanade
1.11 David Perry - The Guerilla – Perry Martel
1.12 William Tincup – The Reframer – Starr-Tincup
1.13 John Sullivan- The Good Doctor – John Sullivan Associates
1.14 Dan Hilbert – The Edge – OrcaEyes
1.15 Doug Berg – The Scientist – Jobs2Web
1.16 Allan Schweyer – The Director – Center For Human Capital Innovation
1.17 Tony /component/page,shop.browse/category_id,6/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,5/vmcchk,1/”>cialis shelf life Karrer – The Training Engineer – TechEmpower
1.18 Peter Clayton – The Reporter – Total Picture Radio
1.19 China Gorman – The Operator – SHRM
1.20 Jessica Lee – The Editor – Fistful of Talent
1.21 Mike Mayeux – The Processor – Novotus
1.22 Shally Steckerl – The Sourceror – Arbita
1.23 Rusty Reuff – The Entertainer – Reuff Associates
1.24 Elliot Clark – The Publisher – Shared Expertise Media
1.25 Valerie Frederickson – The Sage – Valerie Frederickson & Co
1.26 Todd Raphael – The Quiet Force - ERE
1.27 Brian (Skip) Schipper – The Coral Reef Manager – Cisco
1.28 Penelope Trunk – The Brazen Careerist- BrazenCareerist
1.29 Gerry Crispin – The Connector – CareerXroads
1.30 Darren Romano – The Headhunter’s Headhunter
1.31 Auren Hoffman – The Synthesizer – Rapleaf
1.32 Neil McCormick – The Standard Bearer – Talent2
1.33 Mike /component/page,shop.browse/category_id,6/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,5/vmcchk,1/”>cialis shelf life Foster – The Builder- HCI
1.34 Jason Davis – The Inventor –
1.35 Libby Sartain – The Transformer – Brand For Talent

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