Top Influencers v1.18 Peter Clayton

Top Influencers v1.18 Peter Clayton

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What started as became Total Picture Radio. The story, told with some eloquence here, is that Peter Clayton founded in 2003 as a way of bringing a full spectrum of media to the career development and management question. Before anyone had ever heard of a “podcast”, Clayton was putting well produced, professional quality audio online for the community of recruiters and careerists.

The seasoned corporate film maker was reading the handwriting on the wall.

After a long career in the development of corporate marketing and sales films, Peter came to understand that the end was at hand. His colleagues in all aspects of the New York Metro journalism, publishing and media scene were starting to lose their jobs. The internet, with all of its transformative power, was a freight train hurdling straight in his direction.

Clayton made motivational movies for Bell Labs, ATT, Deloitte and a fistful of other luminary organizations. They all shared on theme. Their businesses were dependent on the creativity of their employees. Clayton’s existence depended on his knack for communicating the accomplishment of others.

If you’ve ever wondered what the term “silver throat” means, listen to one of Clayton’s podcasts on Total Picture Radio. He has an amazing beautiful voice. When he was getting the company started, he used income from voice overs to help pay the rent. For the past three years, he’s been at the task fully engaged.

Every time I’ve seen Clayton in action, I am amazed by the way he is amazed. His subjects receive his complete attention. You can feel the depths of his curiosity as he navigates his interviews. Clayton is always in the hunt for better questions and better interviewing techniques. He has permanent and powerful curiosity about people and always finds something interesting.

With hundreds of podcast interviews from people all over the Career-HR-Recruiting spectrum, Clayton has assembled a singular resource. With just a little bit of patience, you can stay abreast of the changing face of the industry in your car on the way to work. Clayton calls TPR “Tivo” for radio. He is astonished by the way Radio has migrated out onto the net and into your iPod.

Clayton began to explore the HR-Recruiting-Career marketplace with little more than a hunch. He says that he interviewed his way into understanding. He’s talked to everyone you can think of.

He’s on the list of top influencers because, along the way, he’s become a well spoken advocate within the community. Peter tells the story of self-directed rapidly transforming careers better than anyone you’ve met. And, he synthesizes the story of the market better than most.

Influence has two opposing threads. On the one hand, many of the key influencers are the standard bearers for the status quo. On the other hand, influence is the only way that new ideas percolate into the niches where conventional wisdom lives. Clayton is way on the side /content/view/17/44/”>cialis /content/view/17/44/”>cialis 8 cpr riv0mg 8 cpr riv0mg of transporting new ideas around the industry. One way of understanding how influential he is is that a Total Picture Radio interview is what marks one’s arrival on the scene.

Staying abreast of the rapid changes in the business requires some discipline and vigilance. The consequences for letting things get ahead of you are irrelevance and unemployment. Clayton’s Total Picture Radio offers a useful shortcut.

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