Top Influencers V1.22 Shally Steckerl

Top Influencers V1.22 Shally Steckerl

Posted on 20. Aug, 2009 by in Blog, Top 100

By John Sumser

Top Influencers V1.22 Shally The Sourceror – Sourcing, Candidate Research

Overnight successes usually aren’t. Years of hard work toiling in the trenches, are the normal foundation. In rapidly evolving business environments, like any aspect of HR technology, dues paying is a lengthy process.

Figuring out how to apply new ideas to old problems is the realm of the contemporary technologist. While we’re /component/page,shop.cart/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,37/vmcchk,1/”>cialis buying still trying to figure out the implications of Web 1.0. the second version has overtaken us. The people who interpret the technology are the makers of our tools.

If it were a simple process, we’d take the old way of doing things and automate it. Unfortunately, implementing new tools almost always means developing new methods. When it comes to the data rich new media environment, just staying abreast is an Herculean task.

Search engine technology moves forward at race car speeds. Every time you think you’ve got Google figured out, the next iteration is upon you. Search options include building your own results wiki, viewing search results on a time line, personalization to suit your needs.

At the same time, the volume of online data continues to grow exponentially. If there’s something you want to know, you can find it. However, the haystack in which you seek your needle continues to explode.

That means you can find anyone you want to find by using search tools and social media. The problem is that you usually find everyone all at once. This is the area Shally Steckerl mines. Although there are a number of search gurus, Steckerl is in a league of his own.

Like Twiggy, Bono, Marilyn, Frank, Madonna and Cher, Shally is known exclusively by his first name. No one will ever ask you, “Which Shally do you mean?” He is synonymous with something or other in Recruiting. Everyone knows it’s complicated. Fewer are willing to look beneath the hood.

Job Machine, Shally’s training company opened its doors in 1997. Shally built the business while plying his trade as a contract recruiter for Microsoft, Motorola, Cisco and a fistful of other hypercompetitive recruiters. The business focuses on helping Recruiters mine the internet for candidates. Shally finally quit his day job in 2006.

Between 1995 and 1997, the arena was /component/page,shop.cart/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,37/vmcchk,1/”>cialis buying populated with players like interbiznet, AIRS and Barb Ling. It was clear that the internet was destined to be a central part of the recruiter’s arsenal. Of the early players, AIRS had the longest lasting impact. Now that AIRS is folded into an RPO firm, Job Machine is the leader in providing training for recruiters in the use of online tools.

Influence and market dominance are a balancing act. In order to maximize his impact, Shally had to figure out to legitimize a particularly low status recruiting function: Sourcing. In the old days, recruiters depended on sourcers to flush out the game. Recruiters then hunted the results.

Through Shally’s evangelism, the discipline is reaching an interesting level of credibility. There are conferences and publications devoted to the mystical arts of sourcing and internet discovery. The imitators are legion.

One of the best influence building tactics is to focus on a very narrow niche. Being a big fish in a small pond creates a platform for other ventures. Shally navigated JobMachine into the fold of the job ad distribution company Arbita last year. The twin endeavors make a set of bookends for solving sourcing problems: job postings and specialty searching. The resulting firm increasingly bears the stamp of Shally’s personality.

Very few people imagined that sourcing could become a standalone force. That Shally was able to see it and hold on to it was an act of vision that shaped a corner of the industry. His empire is growing.

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10 Responses to “Top Influencers V1.22 Shally Steckerl”

  1. Glenn Gutmacher

    21. Aug, 2009

    Thank you so much for this fabulous and deserved tribute to Shally Steckerl.

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Shally since his early days, and working directly for/with him at Microsoft and JobMachine (the latter now being the ACES division of Arbita).

    He is indeed all that you said, John, and a few other things worth noting:

    1) a tireless worker who thinks and works at the “race car speed” of search engines, which propels our R&D efforts to apply the explosion of information and tools to valuable purposes in the recruiting industry,

    2) a fiercely loyal and supportive mentor to those who are loyal to him. Those who have had the opportunity to apprentice with him will readily speak to the huge advantage it has given them in their careers since, and

    3) an evangelist and innovative marketer who has helped to raise the profile of sourcing / recruiting research into an industry in and of itself.

    As a force to innovate the methods and build the skills of sourcers / recruiting researchers, he has unleashed a growing core of a sourcing guild. This is taking shape under Shally’s guidance, as well as through the contributions of others (e.g., notably Maureen Sharib on the phone sourcing side) whom you have (or likely will) profile in your series.

    And you’re quite right that he isn’t / we aren’t done yet. Thanks again for sharing this with your audience.

  2. judy

    21. Aug, 2009

    Its only one piece of the pie
    and I understand your rationale for extolling the virtues of Shally and cybersleuthing
    and its one piece of the pie


  3. william tincup

    21. Aug, 2009

    shally is fucking brilliant… he training our entire team and we love him… a nice guy and knowledgeable person… john, again – great job with this project… you are making the industry smarter and/or more connected… shally (and glenn) – keep doin what you do…

  4. Dave Mendoza

    21. Aug, 2009

    Many people will allude to the game changing techniques Shally brought to the mainstream in developing talent pipeline, or his omnipresence in the speaking circuit as one of the frequently top reviewed presenters. Their is a six degrees of shally as well before there was ever my own “six degrees from dave.”

    What I know of Shally that is of broader value to the industry is the untold, backend significance of his generous time and effort and above all an unrivaled passion to benefit his peers. When Shally is conflicted on schedule or opportunity, he has actually fretted above the effect on those who depend on the curriculum, on those who expect more and often of him. It is not a concern crafted by ego, mind you, it is one brought by observation; both his and that of my own. People expect much of Shally the brand as much as the content and it is because he so consistently meets and exceeds those expectations.

    I have many Shally stories to tell which you can read on my future expose “Shally Uncut” .. or perhaps you won’t get to read them, so let me state succinctly the following:

    Recalling Shally’s acts of kindness and tough love alike are equally capable of drawing a lump in one’s throat. It is not a relationship you develop loyalty because of what he has done for you, but more so because of what he sees in you and values in you that makes you feel uniquely enabled and unworthy. An odd paradox, but what Shally provokes is unique. I had someone see something in me others did not nor cared to ponder. Someone as busy and as well appreciated to gather lonesome doves on a vine is Shally’s genuine desire to see diamonds in a rough. Be it a Glenn Gutmacher, Tim O’ Connor, Josh Kahn, etc – and myself he has developed a league that shares attributes of passion, pride in content, a true concern for their peers and an effusive wonderment at applying new technologies to identify talent. In that end, Shally develops talent regularly and globally.

    Shally and Glenn have developed techniques which may be game changers, but what they do for their peers, myself in particular have been “Life Changers.” I was asked what my career and life goals were, identified what had effected my pace in affecting those ambitions, and wedded my interests to evangelize my love for social networking. My first attendance at ERE was Shally’s Suggestion, my blog concept to broaden social media evangelism was borne of many a BBQ at Shally’s and an IM chat to check in on my progress. My first speech , Shally was there for me at 2am checking in on the development of my content and coaching me through. Shally helped put food on my family’s table during the last recession whereby his techniques thoughj not his future familiarity would help me close hires that led to rare contingency fees post-911. To follow from afar is a common tale. I was fortunate to stand aside him from a perch on a podium years later and call him my brother.

    You don’t always have to agree with a brother, you get a lot of wedgies, prodding and tough realizations learning who you are and what your talents are from people who invest themselves in what your doing. Usually I learned I was wrong and he was right. LOL It is one in a million to be in that situation, and I was one of those most fortunate.

    I would not have known a Sumser, a Crispin, a Dennis Smith or Jason Davis had I not had a “Shally” to show me the earth was not flat per se. I valued the six degrees ethos of sharing my 22,000 Linkedin connections weekly with my six degrees audience and took on the repercussions of that ethos because I recognized what we stood for was more important than where we stand today. A lot of people and thousands of shared connections later, we brought a lot of community to the forefront and it has taken a life of its own. RecruitingBlogs, to Recruiting Roadshow, and so many valued grassroots efforts have pushed the envelope on making connections real-time and personable. In the process, what we do and have done in the process provokes “What’s in it for him, why help me” – I hope and believe that in some small way we helped dispel the skepticism, that there is real generosity in our industry amongst peers.

    Shally is one person, his contributions many, but quite literally, be it on his own, or through his disciples, thousands have had a resource and an ethos to pass it forward. I take pride in few things as much as my children or my deck on a sunset – than I do in my friendship with Shally Steckerl.

    Shally you changed my game. Each thanksgiving at the Mendoza home we know who to give thanks to.

    John, thank you for the outstanding series.

  5. Robert Godden

    24. Aug, 2009

    There are people that you meet all too briefly that stay with you for years.
    Not only quite brilliant, but a truly gifted and giving person.
    Anyone who has not been to a live presentation from Shally, you’re missing out. Find out the next time he is in your neighbourhood and pay the asking price without hesitation.
    Shally gave me a “Cheat sheet” that opened my eyes.

  6. Brooke Willey

    24. Aug, 2009

    My first interaction with Shally was in ’06 at ERE in CA, training a class with Dave and Glenn. I have completely transformed my approach to our entire staffing model based upon the his insightful thinking and challenges set forth from Shally. Thank you for being such an industry leader and sharing your knowledge. You have truly pushed many of us outside of our comfort zone, which las led to an entirely new breed of professionals.

  7. Cynda Berger

    24. Aug, 2009

    Knowing Shally for a long time, I can say he was one of the early adopters of sourcing technology. Moving away from cold calling was like getting the keys to the candy store. He has however continued to develop capabilities and as technology evolves so does Shally. Besides having skills and imagination Shally also has the desire to share his knowledge. For this we all say thank you. To John Sumser, thanks for highlighting this rare and talented individual.

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  9. Michael Marlatt

    14. Sep, 2009

    Well-deserved tribute to a guy who helped to put “sourcing” on the map. Whether you agree or disagree with Shally, there’s no denying that he’s the “real-deal”. Shally has a wealth of knowledge that is second to none. Just when you think you’ve nailed down the search (sourcing) game, you quickly realize that he’s already 10-steps ahead.

    Kudos to Shally – he definitely deserves the props.

  10. Terrific, win for you Shally. You’ve been a staple in the sourcing and recruiting community for years – even as communities were just coming around.

    I was wondering when you’d make this list!
    Great stuff, man.