Top 100 Influencers v1.55 John Hollon

Top 100 Influencers v1.55 John Hollon

Posted on 02. Feb, 2010 by in Top 100

Top 100 Influencers v1.55 John Hollon

When John Hollon gets on the phone, you get hit with a huge wave of enthusiasm and insight. With 32 years of journalism under his belt, Hollon is a principled and opinionated influencer. As the editor of Workforce Magazine for the past six years, Hollon shapes and encourages the HR Industry.

Of course, professional journalists tend to have very interesting online profiles. Here’s how he describes himself on LinkedIn:

I am a highly successful and experienced leader and manager, in that order. I am also a highly accomplished writer and editor, with deep experience online and in print.

I’m /component/page,shop.product_details/flypage,flypage.tpl/product_id,52/category_id,6/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,5/vmcchk,1″>site cialis also a workforce management expert, mainly because of my deep management experience, and, because I have seen so much management done so badly, to so many, for so long. That’s the theme of my award winning Workforce Management column, The Last Word, and, my award-winning blog, The Business of Management.

My approach is thoughtful, experienced-based and pragmatic. You won’t see me embrace the latest flavor-of-the-month management practices espoused by so many current bloggers and writers who are full of provocative opinions but terribly light on evidence or experience to back them up. My expertise comes from years of successes I celebrated, failures I learned from, and simple hard work.

My deep expertise flows from a lifetime of experience managing people in groups from large to small. Want my philosophy? It’s this — I believe in the power of people working together to make something greater than they could ever build on their own. And, I believe in the power of smart and focused management to help lead them in the quest to do it.

Hollon’s reach is pretty impressive. Workforce Magazine (the print edition) has 52,000 subscribers. The email and web properties reach about 400,000 readers. With a predictable flow of 100,000 web visitors per month (excluding email), Workforce is easily the second most trafficked site in the industry.

He’s one of the primary arbiters of the idea flow in the HR Industry.

In our conversation, it became apparent that Hollon is much more than a professional journalist. As an active participant in the evolution from print to web, he has a host of hard won insights into the cultural transition both within and without the HR profession. His primary concern, from a business perspective, is trying to figure out how to educate a generation of consumers used to ‘free’ media that it’s not really free at all.

At the same time, he is strongly concerned about the ‘loss of the watchdog function’ once performed by broadcast media. He’s watching the evolution of non-profit (journalism subsidized by philanthropy) experiments. He frets that without this critical function, transparency s a pipe dream.

I was introduced to John by Kris Dunn who freely credits Hollon for his rise from obscurity. When I ask Hollon about his favorite accomplishments, he quickly says “being able to shine the light on lesser known talent”. It’s something he does regularly.

The state of Blogging in HR would be vastly different if Hollon wasn’t constantly experimenting with new media. Fistful of Talent, the amazing group blog founded by Dunn and edited by Jessica Lee gained its momentum from Hollon’s support and sponsorship. With the Workforce Magazine promotional engine driving /component/page,shop.product_details/flypage,flypage.tpl/product_id,52/category_id,6/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,5/vmcchk,1″>site cialis publicity, its no surprise that FOT is a traffic powerhouse.

Somewhat surprisingly, Hollon seems most proud of his work as an Adjunct Professor of Communications at Cal State Fullerton. He teaches the art of opinion writing and is ecstatic about what he learns from his students. In spite of an enormous pile of awards and a huge volume of self confidence, John Hollon is happy to continue to introduce new people and new ideas to the HR Marketplace.

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