Top 100 v1.42 Eric Winegardner

Top 100 v1.42 Eric Winegardner

Posted on 09. Nov, 2009 by in Blog, Top 100

By John Sumser

The first thing you don’t think when you meet Eric Winegardner is, “This is the corporate VP of Product Adoption at a Billion dollar company.” Maybe, “Where does that dude get all of that energy.” Or, “Who picks his shoes.” Or, “Man, if I was only that good looking.”

Kidding aside, Eric is the public face of (at least in the Recruiting community). He travels relentlessly to spend time with groups of his clients. That means he’s a regular on the conference circuit. He helps Monster understand how to make its investments in this or that aspect of the HR universe.

Among other things.

Winegardner is an Ohio boy made good. Life on a farm led, obviously, to an early career stocking shelves in grocery stores. Even then, Winegardner obsessed about job quality. He focuses on delivering enthusiasm and value. You can be sure that that grocery store had the best looking shelves in Cincinnati.

Eric learned the ropes from the ground up. Prior to joining the Monster team in March of 2004, he was an active and vocal customer for over six years. He spent three years as a recruiter in a niche Executive Search firm and /component/option,com_user/task,UserDetails/”>cialis how it works five years responsible for the U.S. recruiting operations of a Fortune 500 financial services organization.

These days, after years in Boston, Winegardner commutes to work from Cincinnati. His team of 25 in Boston is responsible for training and product solutions. He manages them by setting /component/option,com_user/task,UserDetails/”>cialis how it works priorities and moving on.

He laments the consequences of the first generation of Internet Recruiting. “We’ve built a generation of sourcers. It’s as if there was nothing but the transaction. Early Internet tools made companies more capable of hiring. But, the art of Recruiting suffered as a result. It used to be a hiring centric sport. Today, it’s all about filling the req. We went from Recruiting to Sourcing. In order to woo top talent, we have to head back towards Recruiting.”

That’s impressive talk for the head of product adoption at a job board. “The definition of job board has changed in the past several years. We’re just starting to do the education required to help our customers catch up with what we do.”

That’s why you see Eric at the edgier parts of the Recruiting Industry. An active participant at Recruitfest and deeply involved in the Social Recruiting Summit, Winegardner is helping the Monster battleship execute a necessary turn. Take a look at the “Twub

Eric is both an example of and an advocate for “the Power of Passionate People”. He envisions recruiters who:

  • Always know who their next hires are going to be
  • Know how to see hardwired attributes like optimism and a ‘calling’
  • Are the company brand
  • Believe that their purpose is life changing.

It’s easy to be influential when you are everywhere. Of all the people covered so far in this series, Winegardner has the harshest travel schedule. He shows up at every event, trade show and coffee klatch. When he’s there, it’s an enthusiastic blur.

In each interaction, Eric strives to be fully present. He listens well and is always on message.

The role is complex. Winegardner is both mouth and ears for the Mother ship in Maynard, Massachussets. He collects customer input relentlessly and feeds it back without a sugar coating. More so than anyone else on the list to date, Winegardner is effective both as an external influencer and an internal one. That rare coupling makes it likely that Eric will be a key industry player for a long time to come.

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15 Responses to “Top 100 v1.42 Eric Winegardner”

  1. Rayanne

    10. Nov, 2009


    Thanks for sharing more about Eric. He is one of the most dynamic and bright individuals I have ever met. Whenever he speaks, addressing topics that range from tolerance to innovation, you have to listen. And in that listening, his brilliance is revealed and your own level of understanding is raised.

    While it is true that he has fantastic shoes, those shoes pale in comparison to the other trend that he setting, that of being smart and personable and someone you simply want to know.

    I look forward to the next conversation, as well as his thought-provoking and masterfully played responses. He is, indeed, influential.

  2. uberVU - social comments

    10. Nov, 2009

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by CrystalPeterson: Congrats, Eric! RT @marenhogan: Rock on! @ewmonster makes the top 100 (like I ever doubted)

  3. laurie ruettimann

    10. Nov, 2009

    When I think about the power of leaders in my generation, I think of Eric. He’s is changing our industry and changing the way we think about work.

    What an amazing guy. Outstanding choice!

  4. Jill Elswick

    10. Nov, 2009

    Until I read this, I had not made the connection between @ewmonster and Now I get it! Eric is a delight in person. He has a great sense of humor. I enjoyed meeting him at Recruitfest. His perspective on sourcing vs. recruiting interests me. I still don’t understand the difference between the two, as I am new to this field. (@Animal calls me a “recruiting groupie.” I enjoy following recruiters on Twitter and meeting them in person.) Eric’s comments give me an idea for pitching an article to a recruiting-oriented publication. I’m a writer by trade but I am considering adding recruiting services to my freelance practice. John, thanks for a great write-up about Eric.

  5. James Andrews

    10. Nov, 2009

    Eric Winegardner is a freakin rock star! Hands down. And I am proud that I taught him everything he knows!


  6. Anna Brekka

    10. Nov, 2009

    Listing to Eric’s presentation last week in Chicago at the onrec/Kennedy event made me and so many others understand that he is going places and ready to move forward in all things recruiting that is all things people-centric in regards to recruiting.
    His passion and energy is awe inspiring and he has created an amazing team to support the new

  7. Traci

    10. Nov, 2009

    Such a great and inspirational choice. Eric is so great in his approach and delivery that you are always open to listening. He is a leader with a phenomenal personality, a kind heart, and boy can he dance. So glad to see he’s been recognized in the Top 100. Kudos to you both.

  8. Jessica Miller-Merrell

    10. Nov, 2009

    Eric is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! He has such presence and brings creative and innovative insight whenever he speaks.


  9. Jason Davis

    10. Nov, 2009

    Look at all your friends

    Congrats Eric. You are definitely influencing something good. It’s because of James Andrews that we know each other. Thanks @keyinfluencer for that.

  10. Maren Hogan

    10. Nov, 2009

    I am such a dork. I just sent through a totally empty comment. Moving on…

    Eric is one of my favorite people. I don’t mean in the industry and I don’t mean on the conference circuit. I mean…one of my favorite people PERIOD.

    I can’t tell you how many people tell me how much their perception of Monster has changed as a result of knowing this man. He’s smart as a whip, funny as heck, can dance almost as good as me and a snazzy dresser to boot.

    Beyond his professional reputation, he’s loves his “girls” and is a generous and amazingly fun friend. Not sure I can say enough good things. In my mind, he is a total influencer. Great job John for profiling the “game changer”!

  11. Michael Marlatt

    11. Nov, 2009

    Eric, kudos on making Sumser’s Top 100 Influencers list. Enjoy the spotlight – you certainly deserve it!


  12. Brian Meeks

    11. Nov, 2009

    I enjoyed the article. I am very new to this industry. Actually I was a recruiter 21 years ago, for a year, but things have changed.

    21 years ago, it was all about recruiting, and not so much about sourcing. I didn’t realize it had changed. Everyday I keep learning.

    Thanks for the informative piece.

  13. Chris Havrilla

    11. Nov, 2009

    I’ve have had the pleasure to know Eric for many years now and he defines influence. His energy, spirit, and drive are endless – and when he speaks you want to listen. He is smart, honest, and tons of fun! He listens openly and speaks with passion and meaning. Awesome choice – and kudos to Eric!

  14. Tracy

    11. Nov, 2009

    Eric is – and has always been – a Rock Star! congrats E!

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