Top 100 v1.71 Alice Snell

Top 100 v1.71 Alice Snell

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Top 100 Influencers in HR v1.71 Alice Snell

There are not very many people who have been researching Human Capital issues as long as Alice /component/page,shop.browse/category_id,6/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,36/”>cialis buy on line Snell. The Vice President of Taleo Research has been covering the space for 15 years. Widely seen as a voice of reason in a sea of hype, Alice effectively navigates the line that separates corporate advocacy and best practices documentation.

With roots in Recruiting (she was involved with Kennedy Info as it began its transition into the digital era in the mid 1990s), Alice has been at the epicenter of Recruiting research since she went to work for iLogos. Founded by Yves Lermusi (now CEO, Checkster), iLogos /component/page,shop.browse/category_id,6/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,36/”>cialis buy on line professionalized recruiting research and was acquired by Recruitsoft in 1999. The avid handicapper of the Human Capital Software Industry will know that Recruitsoft quickly became Taleo.

In other words, Alice has been a part of Taleo since before it was Taleo.

“After I wrote a book for job hunters in 1994, I gave up on print,” says Snell. “It was clear that digital communications were going to turn everything around. As a result, I jumped into technology analysis. I was looking to see the impact of Tech on HR. Let me tell you, it’s been fast and amazing.”

“When I say fast, I mean that many changes take generations. The internet completely disrupted the employment process in under a decade. Job boards and ATS systems totally changed the way that we get work. That change fueled many of the other adaptations in the rest of HR. While some people think HR is a laggard organization, I’m hear to tell you that everything is different a decade later.”

“Today, organizations are looking to comprehensively inventory and optimize their human capital. They are learning to consider job design as a make or buy decision. It’s a whole new world.”

“What’s happening is that organizations are becoming able to use talent pools to acquire talent. Then, they identify gaps and find the best fit for everyone involved. Talent Management is all of the Work That You Do On Your Workforce,” she says.

Alice’s influence and stature are due to a couple of factors. As a representative of a major player in the software business, she reaches and represents the learning of thousands if customers in thousands of organizations. Doing so for ten years has given her an inside look at the real world of Human Capital Practice. She brings wisdom and channels the experience of a very specific crowd.

It’s no accident that some of the most influential players in the industry do not work in it. Like Alice’s view of Talent Management above, they work on the business not in it. A single change in the user interface drives the day to day experience of a huge user base and all of the people who interact with the software as employees or job seekers.

One way of thinking about influence is that it’s the ability to have an impact. Where power is the ability to make specific things happen, influence is the business of increasing the likelihood that something will happen. When Alice delivers a story about best practices, there is every reason to believe that they will be adopted.

All this is not to suggest that Alice only walks in a world where everything is automated “I see a pretty broad spectrum of practice. Some people are doing amazing things with pencils and spreadsheets. But, real results, driven by decision making rooted in data, comes from the companies with high levels of automation in their HR functions.”

Taleo’s mission is to enable Strategic Talent Management in Organizations. Alice’s role in that process involves speaking, consulting, doing primary research and keeping up with the explosion of Human Capital related information. “The hardest part is staying on top of the research tsunami.”

Alice, like many of the players in our industry, sees a transformation happening in leadership. “A recent IBM study shows that engagement is the foundation of great leadership and good employee development.” She is busyily focused on the development of tools to manage critical talent pools. She sees an HR function that has made the change to a productivity focus and increasingly driven by organizational results.

Find some time to talk with Alice if you see her at one of the conferences. She’s an old hand and understandds the evolution of the profession far better than most. Follow Alice at her blog for Taleo Research.

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