Top Influencers v1.05 Jeanne Achille

Top Influencers v1.05 Jeanne Achille

Posted on 29. May, 2009 by in Blog, Top 100

By John Sumser

Influence depends on connectedness. The advantage often goes to people who have been around a while and done a lot of different things. Being connected is of little value without a reputation for quality work and high personal standards.

The more I look, the more it seems that long term influence and institution building go hand in hand. Some people build their own institutions. Some help others build theirs.

Bill Kutik, the driving force behind the industry’s only can’t miss tech show (HRTech) has the catbird’s seat for a significant piece of the puzzle. With a view that encompasses all of traditional HR and some of Recruiting, Kutik has a premium grade seat in the enterprise space. He says that ‘innovation really only happens in the vendor shops.’

While that’s true in some segments of the HR-Recruiting industry, it’s the opposite of what is true in Recruiting at the trench level. The pace of innovation is furious when time is the only advantage you can have. Fax machines, email, web conferences, web pages, internet advertising all found their real start in the gritty work that recruiters do every day.

So there’s the thing about influence in the HR-Recruiting industry. It’s /component/option,com_jcalpro/Itemid,99999999/extmode,cal/date,2059-12-01/”>best price for cialis a mosaic of influence. It’s sort of like a world in which each neighborhood has a different gravitational pull. Each aspect is certain that it’s the center of the universe; that influence ebbs and flows from a place where the Sun orbits the earth.

Influence, like politics, is a local matter. I suppose you could calibrate the mass of each locale and try to weight the various nodes. Instead, from here, it looks like influence overlaps between sectors. When one part of the industry looks like a deep dark wilderness to the other, it’s usually that the cities just haven’t been visited yet. Almost no one has a good grasp of the full range of our shared industry.

Jeanne Achille dances in and out of the enteerprise orbit. That’s the world where people buy huge Oracle or Peoplesoft licenses. It’s the Fortune 2000. It’s a world that is baffling to people who are grounded in Small to Medium sized businesses. Kutik calls her “a player.” Working with Achille’s Devon Group gives her clients a nearly unfair advantage.

Public relations is one of those really hard to pin down occupatuons. PR ‘flacks’ range from the barely coherent press release pushers to DC’s astonsihingly sophisticated spin meisters. The business of PR involves getting the client’s story told understood and cemented. Mediocre practitioners shuffle paper. The seasoned pros create reality. Obviously, Achille and her team are in the latter category.

You can’t really manufacture visibility by simply deciding to do so. Connections, and lots of them, are a must. Hard work, and lots of it, is essential. Then there’s the Achille difference.

People all over the business know that they can bet their reputations on Jeanne’s recommendation. She is so easy to like that her astonishng competence comes as a major surprise. Somehow, a Devon Group client gets a little extra lift, a little bit more attention.

PR Firms often measure their results on the basis of articles placed in various journals and periodicals. Devon’s accomplishments are remarkable. They understand how to get the story told in just the right places.

So, here’s the surprising thing. At the root of Jeanne’s success in PR and MArketing is the fact that she didn’t /component/option,com_jcalpro/Itemid,99999999/extmode,cal/date,2059-12-01/”>best price for cialis know anything about the business when she started it. She was simply tired of seeing it done badly. Having been a product manager in a broad range of settings (including a stint as the Project Manager for Ceridian’s pioneering ATS in the late 80′s). She’s got the dirt under her fingernails that gives her street cred with vendors and analysts alike. She’s launched so many products that few people understand the rhythms and details better.

Jeanne Achille is one of the most influential players in the software and services component of the HR-Recruiting Industry. She keeps a low profile but you might find her on Twitter or Linked In.

John Sumser is a consultant who works with vendors in the HR-Recruiting market. You can find him here, here or here. Catch up with him on Twitter

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